"The melodies from the heart flow through my body. The transmission of the sound is transported to heal the soul."

About Silvina Vergara


Transpersonal   Sound Healing Therapist


With over 25 years of experience, Silvina Vergara  has passionately dedicated her life to the healing arts as a conscious guide educator to develop human potential. Silvina conducts sound healing classes and seminars, utilizing sound, breathing techniques, movement and shamanic work to help facilitate emotional, physical and mental release. These practices reawaken the body’s innate wisdom and deep sense of awareness, allowing subtle energy fields consciousness and transformation.

Her multidisciplinary background includes hypnotherapeutic techniques, intuitive development, emotional process techniques, and vibrational healing body work. She holds a certification in Sound Healing and has completed training in Sahuka, a synthesis on Egyptian Alchemy, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism. She has also been trained by world-renowned sound healer and shaman Tom Kenyon. Silvina came to the world of sound healing as a classically trained singer and dance instructor, and incorporates movement composition into her healing work.

She has created programs in self-awareness for teenagers and children, and currently works at San Francisco General Hospital where she facilitates a special sound & movement healing program for cancer patients.