"The melodies from the heart flow through my body. The transmission of the sound is transported to heal the soul."


Soul of the Wind

Febrary 2013

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Moonlight Sonata In The Woods

By  Silvina Vergara
© Copyright – Silvina Vergara / Silvina Vergara (888174030753)


July  2013
53 Minuts
Category  New Age/Sound Healing/Meditation
Crystal Bowls

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Silvina and The Angels
February 20, 2006
53 Minutes
Category New Era / Sound Healing / Meditation with Sound / Crystal Bowls
Music, Voice and Crystal Bowls Silvina Vergara – David Gibson – Hue

With this recording you enjoy of deep relaxation, create meditative states of consciousness, the voice of Silvina Vergara brings inspiring waves of love.
When Silvina Vergara began her singing, photographs of children from around the world began to appear and she felt in her heart an opening in response to their presence. surrendered to the loving presence and strong connection with the spirit
1.-Pachelbel Canon Demo

A journey through the chakras – Channeled while playing the glass bowl. From sweet beautiful powerful!
2.- Invocación – Demo

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Healing frequencies
February 20, 2006
Silvina Vergara 2006
New Age / Sound Healing / Meditation with Sound / Crystal Bell
In this recording relaxetion enjoy deep meditative state creation and activation of consciousness

18.43 Open Heart
Connection to Spirit 19:50

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