"The melodies from the heart flow through my body. The transmission of the sound is transported to heal the soul."

Interview Moonligth Sonata in the Woods


Thanks for the messages of support and love I have received from all of you, I really feel that there is no distance …

This time I share with you an interview where we talked about the inspiration to hear the voice of your being.

You can find out how and why Moonlight was born in the forest, for this reason, from the heart, I suggest you keep listening to his inner voice, your intuition, but sometimes seem absurd or unthinkable. Always with continued attention to your conscience, soul intelligence.
How important it is to respect our intuition, those moments where we feel an impulse of the soul ….

Some time ago I heard a teacher, he said … must know how to distinguish the inner voice, since space is …..

Several members of the blog have asked me about how to get music.
Good news, you will find more details in the interview.

Interview link here

As always your comments and experiences are welcome!

I would love to hear from you, your moments of insight and inspiration …

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