"The melodies from the heart flow through my body. The transmission of the sound is transported to heal the soul."

Remeber Video Music

Sometimes we lose in the way and we forget the essential, it is for this reason that from my heart I would like to share this new project. A message of inspiration, re-encounter with our nature and life itself; Remembering the relationship of being with the earth, our potential and the miracle of life!

In this project we have expressed all the love, passion and enthusiasm, for this reason before showing it to the world, I wish to share with you, since you are an essential part in our evolution and growth, since we have been together during all this time …

This is a music video titled “REMEMBER” (Remember)
“Remember that you are love, you are light, compassion, we are the earth”

Your perception, appreciation and feedback are of great value, that’s why your comments on the blog are welcome!

Enjoy it!
In gratitude
Silvina Vergara.

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