"The melodies from the heart flow through my body. The transmission of the sound is transported to heal the soul."


Silvina Vergara Transpersonal Sound HealingTerapist


I have given the opening to provide presencial and online sessions, conferences, workshops, seminars and concerts mainly in Therapy Sound Healing through voice and crystal bowls, if you want to know more about the power of sound healing and therapy sound (coming soon)

Other specialties that impart:
Dance as Therapy
Awareness and release of emotions
Energy balance and deepening of the chakra system
Raising our vibration frequency / Reconnective Healing
Spiritual Healing / Inner Healing
Healing Meditation

Business men / women and business groups
Techniques to induce our creative energy
Personal Power
Support to achieve your goals
meditation, breathing
Recognize and transform old habits

Individual Sessions / support group for women online / Classroom
working self-esteem.
Healing our relationships
Women and personal power

I’m always open to any collaboration or proposal which can bring my focus and collaborate on events especialización.Tambien or nonprofit sites provided they are covered expenses (transportation, meals and lodging)

If you are interested in any of these activities individually or in groups (on availability) contact now